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A lot of the entries are public, including fandom related stuff/fic/icons, however most of my personal entries are friends only. If you want to read my friends only entries, and I'm not making any promises about how interesting they'll be, please leave a comment that goes somewhere along the lines of how you found me and why you'd like to be friends. If we know each other from somewhere else please include this. If you don't look like a psycho stalker and we have common interests I'll friend you back. Thanks for your co-operation.

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Qld Flood Auction

The Qld floods have completely shocked me. The accounting firm where I work has clients who live in the parts of northern NSW that are also flooded and that makes it very real to me. To all those on my flist who have been affected in some way my heart goes out to you and please know that you are not alone in this.

To show my support and to try and help out in the little way I can I have decided to offer something as part of the qldfloodauction. The two highest bidders will get one large item of fanart, ie wallpaper/banner, and 5 matching icons. Fandoms are NCIS, White Collar, Sherlock, SGA, and SG-1 or any others that you are able to supply your own high quality screencap/pic. For more details or to make a bid my thread is HERE.



I am completely and utterly in love with the BBC series Sherlock. Just discovered it and I am completely hooked (and so annoyed that there are only 3 episodes!). Love the stories, love the acting, love Benedict Cumberbatch, love the cinematography and the way the whole thing is put together. Have watched all three episodes (and then rewatched two of them) since Thursday night and am now wondering how to survive until next year! The British sure know how to make fantastic television but it is a shame that they make so few episodes.

I always promise i'll post more...

...but it never happens. I'm still working which is great, at the moment it is fulltime as this is our busy season but I have asked to go to four days a week in a month or two, I hate not having any time to do anything because I'm so tired all the time. And while I love having money, I don't really the extra amount.

That being said, my sister and I are trying to save up enough money to go to New York next June which should be lots of fun. She also wants to go to LA but personally it doesn't appeal to me very much. For those of you who have been/live there please feel free to try and change my mind.

As for fandom, really loving White Collar. Also been reading SGA fic, lots of really good whump fic.

Got to go, waiting for my plane to go to Melbourne for the weekend and its just just arrived. :)

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NCIS Thoughts

I've finally gotten around to watching the second half of season 7 for NCIS. I had stopped watching week by week because I was getting a little bored with the show and frustrated by the direction it was taking. But I have to say the break did some good and it made me realise how much I missed the show and that I do still love NCIS, just not as much as I once did. And I'm not sure whether the writing picked up or approaching it with fresh eyes helped but I did enjoy most of it.

Some random thoughts (spoilers):

-I loved the last scene of Obsession, so sad but I loved how comfortable Tony felt with Gibbs to admit that he wasn't ok. And the scene with Tony and Gibbs walking up to the house (the one where Gibbs mentions planting roses), lots of squee there too! But the whole episode did remind me of a copy of the movie Laura, which I had watched after Tony referenced it in An Eye For An Eye.

-A couple of nice Tony/Abby hugs. But overall a serious lack of Tony/Abby moments. :(

-They killed Macy! Another female agent killed. But I did like the fact that Tony mentions that it always seems to be female agents. And the way he rubbed his fingers over his badge, he's done that before (Grace Period I think) and it was nice to have some consistency with how he deals with the death of an agent.

-Think I'm just going to block the whole Hart/Bell/Mexico Gibbs thing. Didn't find it interesting at all. And for someone who doesn't believe in coincidences, he sure has a lot in his own life. But I am worried about what will happen to Jackson.
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NCIS Awards Mod

2010 NCIS Awards


It's that time again. ncis_awards is now open for nominations.

Awards time line
Nominations open: April 15th
Nominations close: May 30th

Voting opens: July 1st
Voting closes: August 1st

Winners announced: August 15th

Go and nominate your favourite NCIS fanfic.