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A Journal About NCIS, Life and Random Stuff

3 November 1987
by warrior_gypsy
The Important Info
First I would like to say thanks for taking the time to read this.

About My Journal/Friending policy: My journal is made up of two main types of entries - 1.personal issues and 2.fandom related (including icons/fic/vids) and other random stuff. My personal entries are Friends Only. You MUST PM me or leave a comment to be added. It will help if there are things we have in common. If you know me from somewhere else please let me know, it will help your case ;). Everything else is public, which you are welcome to read :) Neither one gets updated very often anymore, I mostly lurk these days. But you are still welcome to friend me for those rare entries.

Now a little about me...

My first love has always been NCIS. For a long time that was my main/only fandom. However due to my disappointment in the direction the show has lead me to try and fill me fannish needs else where. I've gone from someone who only had one fandom to having a handful where I am active/regularly lurking. At the moment they are SGA (Sheppard), Hawaii Five - 0 (Steve), Pysch (Shawn), White Collar (Neal), Suits, The West Wing (Josh) and NCIS (Tony). I tend to get crazy obsessed with things. A lot of the time that burns out after a couple of weeks of getting my hands on everything I can but sometimes that obsession settles in for the long term. The above shows are more the long term obsession ;) My obsessions also extend to actors and my current loves (in no particular order) are James Roday, Joe Flanigan, Michael Weatherly and Benedict Cumberbatch. I am mostly a gen girl but I do ship the occasional pairing, the main ones are listed below.

I am also known as NcisRulz on ff.net



Daniel/Vala or gen.

Veronica Mars
LoVe all the way!

Dark Angel


Ross/Rachel, Monica/Chandler

The Rest
Now for the rest:
· Age: 24

· Gender: Female

· Location: Forster Australia

· Occupation: Assistant Accountant
· Favourite Shows: NCIS, Veronica Mars (whoever cancelled it made a big mistake), Castle, The Chasers War on Everything, Standoff (see VM notes above), MASH, Dark Angel (also see VM notes above), Numb3rs, Bones, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Sherlock, Pysch, The West Wing, Suits, Hart of Dixie.

· Favourite Movies: In Good Company, the three Ocean's 11 movies, The Holiday, A Walk to Remember, Casino Royale, Elizabethtown, the new Star Trek movie, The Social Network, 21.

· Music: Jake Owen, Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, Fun., M2M, One Republic, Switchfoot,

· Favourite Authors: Agatha Christie, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Mary Higgins Clark

That's all for now. To anyone who is still reading this I hope I didn't bore you do much, and thanks again for reading.

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